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Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Book

Its pages are filled with enlightenment and yet some shun it. Why? Because it is not always easy to understand, nor does it fit into your day unless it is a priority.

Within we can find peace and joy, yet often it is left on the shelf.

Bound with daily nutrients, some days we go without, replacing it with chips n’ dip.

Why do we forget the most important daily vitamin? Why do we put our health at risk?

Health is not just physical. It is all encompassing. Your mind, your soul, your body. Emotions. Spirituality. Physicality. Health is all these things.

Do you forgo the water after a long hard workout? Do you forget to brush your teeth each morning? Probably not because they are essential and routine.

This book I speak of is dear to my heart. In the pages I have found solutions to the longings of my soul. However, I too am guilty of skipping out on all this book has to offer.

The Book of Mormon is something we cannot live without. If you have read it before, you know what I say is true. Have you not yet let your eyes gaze its pages, I invite you to do so, because those pages are full of happiness. Ponder the teachings of those who have gone before us. They are wise and can help us navigate this falling world. Happiness was not left in the 1950s, but we too in the 21st Century can achieve that happiness which flows pure and strong—without 50 shades of disaster or self-destructing pressures of the world.

Discover the book. Love the book. Live by the book. Have happiness.