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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Indescribable Season

(Millcreek Canyon, Utah)

Splashing on the pavement,
Pitter-patter through the leaves.
Gentle drumming I can hear
As things begin to transition.

Then comes the muffled wind.
Brewing with pumpkin spice,
Painting with red and yellow,
While darkness sneaks in early.

Yesterday we were sunning
Today I woke up cuddling,
Throwing on scarfs and warm knits
As the steady rhythm trills.

Tomorrow the sun will rise,
But shorts I’ll wear no more.
For crisp air will have set,
Along with my cashmere.

A season indescribable
Fleeing as fast as it comes.
As soon as orange leaves blossom
They'll soon crunch 'neath my boots.

Indescribable season, and yet
All make the endeavor to identify
 The beauty that is impalpable,
And the feelings ever mystical.